Android 2.2 Spotted With Flash 10.1 on a Nexus One!


Well the first real shots of  Google’s next generation of mobile computing have surfaced.  It was kinda a mystery of what it might look like, now we can see that the Android team has revamped the homescreen and added a new launcher, along with some other new features.  What other neat additions are we going to be getting with Android 2.2 Froyo?  Well for one thing, we will definitely be getting Adobe Flash 10.1. and it looks really good, tasty almost kind of like “froyo”.  All kidding aside the the power of Android 2.2 is quite evident and the fact that it’s already running on the Google’s flagship device, the Nexus One, is another indication that the N1 will get the first taste of Froyo, when it’s ready.  android 2.2 running on N1

The point of the video and screenshots were really to show off the power of mobile Flash and video playback, and not really to show us what Android 2.2 was going to be like.  So their isn’t much to go on, but it sure doesn’t hurt to speculate what else might be packed into Android 2.2.  Anyways, the video was made by Adobe evangalist Ryan Stewart, he does a good job showing us how smooth Flash is going to be on the Android platform.

We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to get a full glimpse of Android 2.2 and Flash, it’s expected to be officially announced next week at the Google I/O conference.  In the meantime you can get your fix by watching the video below, it should hold you over for now!  Remember we will have Google I/O coverage here @Blogsdna.

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