HTC Wildfire Joins the Party


htc wildfire announcementBack in April, HTC started a user poll on their Facebook.  They wanted the public to name their next smartphone, they were building.  Turns out the public liked the name “Wildfire,” and HTC agreed.  The HTC Wildfire is a entry-level, budget friendly, Android smartphone running Sense UI.  Never heard of it?  Well nobody did until it slipped out at a press conference in Germany.  Once the cat was out of the bad, it didn’t take long for HTC to officially announce it.

The HTC Wildfire is a candy bar style Android handset, that’s being dubbed as the “Desire on a budget”.  That’s a good way of describing it, the Wildfire has most of the main features that the HTC Desire offers, but for a lot less.  It also looks like it will be a replacement for the HTC Tattoo, another entry-level Android device, that has done pretty well.  It is going to be available only in Europe and Asia, no word yet if it will be released to other markets later on.  The phone should be attractive to the social networking types on a budget.  That’s because HTC didn’t skimp on anything, it comes packed to gills with features.

The WIldfire specs include a 3.2″ inch QVGA capacitive touchscreen (320×240).  While not as powerful as the HTC Desire, it will be more efficent.  The Wildfire is powered by 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor, the same as the HTC Hero.  Along with a 1,300mAh cell battery, the Wildfire will have a much longer battery life.  It also packs 512MB of RAM and 384MB of storage, obviously expandable with a microSD card.  WiFi, aGPS, and Bluetooth 2.1 are all pretty much the standard.  A 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a FM radio round out the rest of the features.  Like the Tattoo, it will be very customizable,  HTC will offer an array of colors.

htc wildfire announcement grey color

Design wise, it really is quite similar to the Desire, its just a bit smaller.  It will also include the same optical trackpad, that was introduced in the Desire.   Except for a few minor performance differences, the Wildfire offers everything that you would come to expect, in a high-end model.  It will include Android 2.1, with the latest installment of HTC’s Sense UI.  Except HTC has added some extra social networking features.  It will have more of a integration with Facebook, and will also include a “App Sharing” widget.  The app basically enables the user to recommend apps with their friends, either through email, SMS, or any social network.

The attractive Wildfire will be available in Q3 of this year, throughout Europe and parts of Asia.  So if were impressed with the HTC Desire, but didn’t like the size, or couldn’t afford it, then the Wildfire might just be for you.

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