Youtube Gets 2 Billion Views Per Day


YouTube was launched 5 years ago. Till then the site has become a giant on the internet and receives more hits than can imagine… 2 billion, to be exact. And that is daily.

That is right: each day YouTube receives more than 2 billion visitors. According to YouTube’s owner, Google, that ‘2 billion’ is double the number of people who tune into US’s 3 prime time TV stations.

But the company is far from being complacent. Cofounder, Chad Hurley, said this on the matter: “Two billion video streams is a large number but on average people are only spending 15 minutes a day on the site compared to five hours a day watching TV. I don’t think we could have ever planned or imagined we would get to the scale or the size we are today. We were mostly trying to create a video solution for ourselves based on our own frustrations. We are proud of what we have achieved so far but we have a lot of work ahead.”

The site is a wonderful video hosting place with the simple slogan of “Broadcast Yourself.” It protects others’ copyrights and does not let users upload copyright-sensitive material. YouTube’s progress so far has been exemplary and hopefully the site will continue to provide new and quality service to us.

Source [BBC]



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