Android 2.2 'Froyo' Unveiling Today


The internet has been filled with reviews of the next iPhone OS (of which the new beta has just been launched) and that of the new BlackBerry OS. These smartphone operating systems have gotten a lot of coverage on the web. But today we get to see what Google has been cooking up all this time – today we see what the new Android will be like.

Android, as most of you already know, is Google’s operating system for cellphones. The OS features great functionality and high customizability. The next version of the OS will be 2.2 and has been codenamed “Froyo,” a short form of “frozen yogurt.”

The Google I/O Conference 2010, which is a 2 day event, will end today. Yesterday many important announcements were made such as the VP8 video codec being released open source (WebM initiative), a Chrome Web Store, and Adobe’s HTML5 exporter for Dreamweaver. Froyo however, was not touched.

Today, at the Google I/O Conference 2010 we will finally get to know what Android 2.2 will offer its users. Funny thing about Google is that nobody knows what to expect – which makes Froyo an even bigger mystery.

Update: Since that post was written, Froyo has been unveiled. Many additions have been made to the OS. It now has a fast compiler featuring a 2-5x speed boost to the system. Along with that there are 20 new enterprise features which include better Exchange integration and device administration APIs; a device backup application is also added which will let users backup their data onto another device. To make up for a lack of basic features like multitasking, Android 2.2 has a cloud-to-device messaging API. A new JavaScript engine in the Android browser was also demonstrated. A browser plugin that sends directions to our phone from a map on our desktop is also added. WiFi tethering is also present in Froyo.

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