Killzone 3 Gets Full 3D Treatment on PlayStation 3


Killzone 3 Gets Full 3D Treatment for PS3

After the update to prep PlayStation 3 system with 3D capabilities came in April we expected to start hearing more about Sony’s plans to release 3D games in conjunction with the release of their 3D TVs. Today we have received word from lucky Gamepro subscribers (that received their copy a little earlier) that the mag features an exclusive on the upcoming next installment in the Killzone franchise, set to be released in 3D.

Among the details for the title include a focus on a new jetpack mechanic, and somewhat surprisingly, the ability to play the entire game in full 3D. We all expected Sony to release some PSN caliber 3D titles initially, so the idea that they are going full steam ahead with triple A, Sony exclusive titles like Killzone in 3D is exciting. You can more than likely count on seeing more of Killzone 3 at the upcoming E3.

What role do you think 3D will have on gaming in the near future?

[via Kotaku]

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