iPhone OS 4 Video Calling Confirmed by Field Test Firmware



We have found some proof of video calling in the upcoming next iteration of the iPhone today via a test unit of the device. A Boy Genius Report shows screenshots from what they claim is a field test firmware of iPhone OS 4 being used to test AT&T’s network. More specifically, to test whether or not the network is capable of handling video calls on the iPhone.


The images are pretty self explanatory with a “Video Calls Debugging” feature. This, in combination with the front facing camera shown in the iPhone 4G prototype leaks, is further proof that Apple’s next iPhone will almost certainly include native video calling features. Its yet to be confirmed, however, if the rumors of Apple bringing iChat to the iPhone will come to fruition with the release of the next iPhone expected this summer.

[via Boy Genius Report]

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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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2 Responses to iPhone OS 4 Video Calling Confirmed by Field Test Firmware