Update: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer WON"T Appear During Apple’s Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote


Update: Microsoft has just confirmed via twitter that Steve Ballmer will, in fact, NOT be speaking at the Steve Jobs’ keynote address during the upcoming WWDC.

While this seems quite unlikely, Trip Chowdhry, Global Equities Research analyst, is claiming that Microsoft’s CEO will appear during Steve Job’s WWDC keynote address in order to reveal Visual Studio 2010.


Rumors say there is 7 minutes “blocked off” for Ballmer to talk about Visual Studio 2010 and the ability for devs to create iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac OS X apps on Windows based machines.

We think this will more than likely not happen, however, given Jobs’ recent open-letter, “Thoughts on Flash” saying, “We know from painful experience that letting a third party layer of software come between the platform and the developer ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hinders the enhancement and progress of the platform.”

Rumor- Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer to Appear During Apple’s Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote

Steve Jobs also said in the letter, as the most important reason for not adapting Flash,  that a third part development tool “becomes even worse if the third party is supplying a cross platform development tool. The third party may not adopt enhancements from one platform unless they are available on all of their supported platforms.”

While it probably wont happen given Steve’s recent stance as outlined above, lets not forget the Microsoft/Apple partnership deal made at the 1997 Macworld. Anyway, if Steve Ballmer does appear at WWDC, lets hope it’s nothing like the video below.

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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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