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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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8 Responses to Re-branded Samsung Galaxy S Coming to AT&T?

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  • Kris says:

    From the official Samsung press release in March:
    “The Android-powered Galaxy S incorporates a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1 GHz application processor”

    This is the Hummingbird processor – not Snapdragon which is slower.

  • HighlandMX5 says:

    Have you guys seriously been blithely oblivious to the incredible hype, rumour and discussions that have ensued around the Samsung Galaxy S in both the expected 8gb and 16gb internal memory versions ? (outside the borders of U.S. airspace I might, facetiously, add :) )

    I can advise that no, it will not be an 800 MHz CPU in the Galaxy S which will have a 1GHz CPU but it will not be a Hummingbird. Instead it will have a Samsung processor which co-incidentally offers astounding graphics performance (google galaxy s triangles per second). The information about the Galaxy S i9000 is readily available on Google.

    The specs seem pretty well finalized and launch is expected in a matter of days.

    What’s currently hot topic over here is the fact that Samsung appear to have signed an exclusive supply deal with Vodafone for the version of the Galaxy S i9000 which will have 16GB internal memory (as opposed to the 8GB standard version), which would be all fine as may be had Vodafone not just decided to celebrate having Samsung (and Google with the Nexus One and Sony with the Xperia X10) over a barrel by moving the mobile data goalposts and dropping it’s monthly mobile data allowance from Unlimited (with a FUP) to 500mb per month after which the bills will get stupid. Vodafone are styling themselves as the natural home of the smartphone. Now there’s a bitter apill to swallow. Personally I think the phone manufacturers lawyers should all get together and advise Vodafone that they have redefined the proposed marketplace with their effective vast hike in tariffs which will prevent users from using the smartphones in the way they were designed to be used, return the bribes and publicly tell Vodafone that the deal’s off and they can get stuffed. Sorry for deviating away from your original subject. :)

    Sounds like AT&T are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S no more, no less.

    btw, there is no information on the Samsung web site.

  • Michael says:

    There is one part in the article that doesn’t make much sense to me. The Galaxy S has a 1ghz hummingbird samsung arm cortex a8 processor, not 800mhz.

  • Perry says:

    Actually the Samsung Galaxy S has a 1ghz hummingbird. That is the processor that they were saying can process many more triangles per second than any other phone out there at CTIA.

  • Highland MX5 says:

    May I refer you to this blog for technical information regarding the Galaxy S ?

    “Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S features their new S5PC110 application processor which was announced last year. This processor contains an ARM Cortex-A8 core paired with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU.”

    The article makes for interesting reading.