textRace: Test How Well Your iPhone TouchScreen Usage Is


iPhone owners have a lot of fun with the countless apps and games available for the iPhone OS platform. Today I have got another game for all your Apple device owners. In addition to being great fun, this game will test how well you can use your iPhone’s touchscreen keypad.

The game I am referring to is textRace.

textRace is a free game for all Apple devices iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad; the OS requirement is iPhone OS 3.0 or later. Sized at 10.1MB, most of you will have no problems getting textRace from the App Store.

“So what exactly is the game all about?”

As its name suggests, textRace is all about seeing who has higher text messaging speed. You can train yourself against the clock using the game’s brilliant interface. Themes and schemes make the game customizable.

You earn points for being a speedy (and accurate) texter; the points can be shared on your Facebook account to impress your friends.

You can use the high score comparison to challenge your iPhone owning friends to a duel. The app has the world record for texting saved and you can brush your skills by keeping that score as a target.

Get textRace from the App Store .



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