Final Fantasy iPad apps Released by Square Enix, 3D Photo Gallery


Square Enix has released two new Final Fantasy apps for the iPad including a Final Fantasy XIII 3D image gallery and a Chocobo mini game.

The image gallery app, dubbed Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery for iPad ($5.99), was already available previously for iPhone. However, the iPad version provides 3D images, though you’ll need “red and blue” 3D glasses.

The game is called Chocobo Panic ($3.99) and is essentially just a bunch of Chocobos, which are quite familiar creatures to fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, running around on the screen. Not quite the ports of classic Final Fantasy titles that we have seen for the iPhone.

The announcement of these two new Final Fantasy apps for iPad also came with the news that Chaos Rings and Crystal Defenders, other popular Square Enix JRPG iPhone titles, will be coming to the iPad shortly.

[via GamePro]

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