Dell Streak Tablet Coming to the U.S. Unlocked and Affordable in July!


Yes, the fabulous Dell Streak (previously known as Dell Mini 5) is coming home soon.  Dell has finally put a price on the their possible Android powered iPad killer.  Dell made their most revealing statement today regarding the the Streak, and it happened to be the biggest one they could of made.  Dell says that the Streak will be available in the U.S for $500 unlocked, through, sometime in early July.  It was originally thought that it would cost upwards of $1000, so this is a great price for a high-end device.

Seems Dell is having a hard time locking up a U.S. carrier to help launch the Streak with.  So the right thing for them to do to get their 5 inch Android 1.6 powered tablet out and into the hands of awaiting U.S. customers, is to release it unlocked through the Dell Online store.  At least we have date, but its a month after the UK launch, which is Friday.  O2 UK is launching the Dell Streak on Friday for free on contract with either a £25 data plan or a £35 voice and unlimited data plan.  It has been rumored for a while that AT&T is a likely choice for the Dell Streak.  Makes even more sense since O2 UK and AT&T share the same 3G radio frequency.  Although with AT&T’s new data plans hogging the news earlier today, we’re unsure of how AT&T will offer data plans for the device, if and when it happens. 

dell streak us launch

All this great news came via the D8 conference today, as Dell’s Ronald G. Garriques was on hand with a demonstration of the new tablet.  Dell is still not calling this a full fledged tablet, nor are they calling it a cellphone, but whatever you want to call, make sure you call it impressive.

Hopefully within the next few weeks Dell will release some more solid info on the Streak, and you count on us to have if for you as soon as it drops!

[via All Things Digital]

Here is CNET’s hands-on video from earlier today

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