Fix Protected Apps Not Showing on Leaked FroYo Nexus One


The users out of curiosity or excitement installed leaked Froyo ROM for Nexus One would have noticed that they are no longer able to access or install protected apps from Android market. Well don’t worry there is simple workaround to fix this issue as long as you have superuser access on your Nexus One, thanks to Geniusdog254 for this workaround.

This is just a simple build.prop mod to fix the fingerprint back to the working ERE27 one used in CM. Everything in settings still shows FroYo, but the Market sees you as ERE27 & thus gives you your protected apps back. The procedure requires you to have knowledge of ADB or terminal app installed on your Nexus one to run commands.

ADB Method:

adb remount

adb shell rm /system/build.prop

adb push froyo.prop /system/build.prop

adb shell reboot

Then, once it reboots, go into the dialer, and type


A message should pop up into the status bar after a few seconds depending on your connection speed saying checkin succeeded.

Now you’re good to go, open Market and download away

Terminal Shell Method:

Get the file from XDA developers forum and copy on root of your sdcard, then open terminal shell on our phone.


mount -o remount,rw /system

cd /system

mv build.prop

unzip /sdcard/

mv froyo.prop build.prop

rm /sdcard/


Upon booting back up, open Dialer and type in the following code


Once you see a notification in the notification bar that says checkin succeeded you can now open Market and are done.

(Via Pocketnow)

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