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wwdc ipad newsLive from Apple’s WWDC 2010, we have the first announcements from Steve Jobs’ keynote address.  I’m sure some of you are waiting for the big iPhone announcement, but we knew Mr. Jobs was going to tease us a bit with some smaller, but equally as important announcements.

He started off this years keynote with news about the very successful iPad.  He reiterated the fact that the iPad is selling like crazy, with over 2 million already sold.  With the recent international release, I’m sure those numbers will continue to climb.  As of today there are over 8500 native apps for the iPad, including some very popular apps like WebMD, Gowalla, and the ABC Player just to name a few.  Jobs continued on saying that iPad app development is on a good pace.  The average iPad downloads about 17 apps, with total of 35 million apps downloaded since the release in early April.

iBooks has made a surprising turn around, according to Jobs.  iBooks accounts for 22% of all eBook sales.  That includes the Kindle and the Nook.  So what we originally thought, i guess isn’t the case, the iBook store is doing pretty good.  Also today Apple announced they will be releasing a big update for the iBooks app.  Added features include the ability to highlight text, and make notes while reading.  It will all be done inside the actual ebook.  But the biggest added feature will be official .PDF support.  Finally, we can read all of our ebooks!  Actually the .PDF support kind of came out of nowhere,  a big surprise.  It’s going to be a very popular addition to the iBooks app.  The update will be pushed out later this month.

Jobs also briefly touched on the HTML5 support.  He says the platform will be fully open-source, so we can expect it to be powerful option for the future of the web.  “Apple is in the lead in supporting the HTML5 standard. Anyone can write HTML5 apps and put them on iPad and iPhone.” say Jobs.  Encouraging words for those that thought HTML5 would not be a viable option.

[via WWDC]

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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