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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • william

    what version of 3gs is this for? I am running the newer model week 45 3GS.

    Will this work? I attempted one from ensynched and this is for old boot.

  • Sythe881

    Hey The iphone says preparing iphone for restore and stays there for a long time. then just fails…. Any help pls?

  • Do you need internet connection to restore using itunes?

  • JAKE

    #8 – You must be jailbroken to jailbreak? Huh?

  • SuperNova

    i have the same problem. made the custom firmware, put my iphone in recovery(tried dfu as well), restore with 9.2 on mac. fails stuck at preparing iphone for restore and pops up with 16XX errors. i have iphone 3Gs with old bootrom jailbroken.
    plz help

  • DrChip

    The iphone says, “Preparing iPhone for restore…” with the progress bar moving for about 10 to 15 minutes then just fails. Error: “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1604). I followed all the instructions to the T. Does any one know why?

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  • steve

    I think you also need to edit the file at to include iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293 in the supported list so that cydia shows up in PwnageTool as selectable package.

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  • Dabuek

    Hi.. I’ve got 4.26.08 baseband currently so ultrasn0w will do the trick for me, am I right?

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  • Evan

    Gets stuck on “Preparing iPhone for restore…” and then fails, followed everything exactly as stated, don’t waste your time with this rubbish tutorial.

  • mreddiel

    I have an iPhone 3G S that I have preserved the baseband on since 4.26.08 baseband. I have successfully installed the 4.0 GM Build jailbroken using the above guide. I tried to install Ultrasn0w and was unsuccessful. Currently the only baseband that is unlockable is 5.11.07. Geohot has allowed another Dev to make a rebuild of his blackra1n unlock for 5.11.07. I have searched everywhere for a way to update my baseband from 4.26.08 to 5.11.07 but have found nothing because Apple will not sign the restore of a fresh 3.1.2 which is the firmware that received the baseband update of 5.11.07 and since I have my UDID hash through Cydia, I can only install custom Pwnage made firmware which only further preserves my 4.26.08 baseband. Either that or I can just update my iPhone to the new 5.12.07 on 1.1.3 but that baseband is unlockable and Fuzzyband won’t downgrade my baseband because you have to have boot loader 05.08 for it to work and the 3G S do not come with such boot loader. It is only on some 3G iPhones. As you can see I have done my homework. Does anyone know how to unlock 3G S iOS4.0 GM running on 4.26.08 baseband?

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  • Miss


    I just did this on my 3GS and its jailbroken with 4.0 now and I’m about to unlock it. Hope the video helps you!

  • Hi,

    I just tried the above method, but I cant select the 4.0 bundle in PwnageTool. I can only build a “iPhone1,2_3.1_2_7D11”.

    Anybody knows whats going on?

    Help appreciated!

  • Jay

    will this work for a 3GS on iOS 4.0.2? It is not jailbroken or unlocked, since I had to restore on iTunes to get it to do anything – arg!

  • Jay

    this is a solution for MAC – do you have one for PC (Windows 7 64-bit)?