Twitter Testing Out Their Own URL Shortening Service


We all use Twitter nowadays, and I’m sure most of you have used a URL shortening service at some point.  Some of the popular services include and TinyURL.  More recently search giant Google has even released a Google branded Google URL Shortener.  Now Twitter wants to get into the game, in a recent blog post Twitter spokesperson Sean Garrett says Twitter is currently testing a URL shortening service called Twitter has some big plans for the new service.  twitter URL service

Twitter’s ultimate plan is to eventually wrap up all third-party URL shortening services would be wrapped into URL. So at some point if you use TinyURL for example, it will be effectively rolled into when the tweet is finally posted.  Twitter’s decision behind the move into the URL service if primarily for the safety of the public and to “remove the obscurity of [the] shortened link and let you know where a link will take you.”  Most the time you have no clue what will happen when you click on a shorten URL.  The chances to landing on a malicious site are greatly increased.  Twitter hopes the new service will bring “a better user experience and increased safety.”

OK it’s also another way for Twitter to slowly re-gain financial control of all twitter related services.  This past year Twitter has released their own Twitter client for all the major mobile platform like Android and iPhone.  Also on the horizon is Twitter’s own ad platform, which is a major piece of the Twitter master plan.

The new service is currently in the early stages of testing.  It will first be rolled out to Twitter employees, then to developers.  If that all works out it will slowly be released to the public, where it can be used by and all third-party apps.

[via Twitter Blog]

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