Sony PlayStation 3/PSP E3 Press Conference Highlights


The Sony PlayStation/PSP E3 press conference just finished and with it came many announcements surrounding everything from pricing for their motion-controller PlayStation Move to major game announcements, and a new paid PlayStation Network subscription plan. We got to check out gameplay footage for Killzone 3 in 3D, Twisted Metal online multiplayer, and Medal of Honor

The first big announcement is PlayStation Move will be coming to North America September 19th starting at $49 for the Move controller, $29 for the, presumably optional, navigation controller, or $99 for a bundle including the controller, PlayStation EyeToy camera and Sports Champions game.There will also be a bundle available later this year with the PS3 and the $99 bundle for $399.

Sony also announced a new paid subscription service for an “enhanced” PlayStation Network experience that is being dubbed “PlayStation Plus”.  There will be no changes made to the current, free PSN structure, the new service will only add more content for those who want it. Among the features of PlayStation Plus are early access to demos, free and discounted PSN content, beta invites, and more. The service will start at $17 for 3 months, or $49 per year.

Another big announcement coming out of Sony’s E3 press conference is highly anticipated Valve title Portal 2 will officially be coming to PlayStation 3 the same day as the PC and Xbox 360 versions. Valve’s Gabe Newell made the announcement himself saying, Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 will be “the best version on any console.” You can check out the teaser trailer for Portal 2 below.

[via Kotaku and Gizmodo]
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