Android 2.2 Source Code Available Today


Android 2.2 source codeYes at today’s big Verizon Droid X press conference, Google had a big announcement of their own to make.  Andy Rubin, Google’s point-man and VP of Engineering, made the announcement that the Android 2.2 source code would be available today.  This is good thing, this means that Google has put their stamp of approval on the latest version, and mean its ready primetime. It shouldn’t be long now before we start to see the first Froyo updates come down the pipe.  With the recent announcement that many of the newly released Android devices will be getting the Android 2.2 update, and the release of Adobe’s Flash 10.1 for mobile devices, looks like everything is in order.

Rubin also went on to say that over 160,ooo Android devices are activated everyday, which breaks down to about 2 devices every second!  Those are some staggering figures if you think about.  “The volume and variety of Android devices continues to exceed even our most optimistic expectations,” says Rubin.  Now that the Froyo code is available, its now up to the manufacturers and carriers to get the code ready for the awaiting devices.  Interested in playing around with the source code, it’s available for download at


[via Official Google Blog]

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Nicholas Tarnowsky

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