Lawsuit Launched Against Apple Over iPhone 4 Reception Issues


A class-action lawsuit has been launched by law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, against Apple for the iPhone 4 reception issues many users have been complaining about. The law firm is in the process of trying to find iPhone customers experiencing the issues that would like to participate in the lawsuit.

The reception issues stem from the antenna located in the bottom left corner of the iPhone 4’s sleek outer metal rim. Many owners have reported signal strength issues when holding the iPhone in a seemingly typical manor, which covers the antenna.

Steve Jobs released a number of responses to the issue via email, but Apple hasn’t addressed the issue publicly other than a short statement claiming all phones suffer from similar issues. Jobs also mentions to “avoid gripping it in the lower left corner”, which angered many iPhone users that attributed the reception issues to a critical design flaw.

Many have pointed out potential fixes to the problem including Apple’s own bumper case, which surrounds the outer metal rim and seems to correct the reception issues.

[via macnn]

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