Cisco Plans On Releasing WiFi Flip, iOS 4 app, and Cisco Media Experience Server


It would seem that Cisco has some big plans other than their enterprise tablet. Today they have announced plans for an iOS 4 video client, Wi-Fi Flip device, and Media Experience Server.

The iOS 4 app would apparently be based on Mobi and there are already plans to integrate the service with FaceTime. There aren’t many other details surrounding this aspect of the announcement.

The Cisco Media Experience Server is being described as a media transcoder and would be targeted at carriers and enterprise networks. The service would transcode videos from any one input device to any other device. Essentially this would allow devices such as the iPad, for example, to take advantage of Flash content being transcoded through the service.

The other interesting aspect of the announcement is a WiFi Flip camcoder slated for a holiday season release.

[via Gizmodo]

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