12-Core Mac Pro Available Through Apple Online Store Now


The Apple Online Store was briefly down this morning in order to update the site with the newest line of 12-core Mac Pros and upgraded 6-core models. You wont be able to take advantage of the two 2.66 GHz 6-core Xeon Westmere processors, 1TB of storage, 6GB of memory, ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5, and 18x double-layer SuperDrive without making a hefty investment. This stock configuration will run you $4,999 before adding any customization features.Customizing the new 12-Core Mac Pro can get you up to two 2.93GHz CPUs, 2x HD 5770 graphics cards, dual optical drives, 32GB of memory, and 4x 512GB SSDs. However, this configuration will run you $16, 249.

The new Mac Pros ship in 7-10 business days. Do let us know if you are considering or have already ordered this amazing new Mac Pro.

[via Engadget]

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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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