iPhone Controller Peripheral iControlPad Coming Soon


We have seen and heard about iControlPad in the past without anything ever becoming available to the public. However, the latest design is what its creator is claiming will be its final production form with the first run of 3000 to start soon.

iControlPad is a gaming pad/controller (image above) that not only turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming device with tactile buttons, but also includes a battery that “doubles the iPhone battery life for gaming.” The device works by having two side pieces hold the device into place while plugged into the gaming pad itself, as you can see in the video posted below. The creator notes that this will make it easy to adapt the peripheral for other smartphones and handheld gaming devices in the future.

Details regarding availability and pricing will be made available through BlogsDNA and the creators Twitter feed at twitter.com/craigix

[via Engadet]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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