Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Starts August 31st, New Trailer


Square Enix has just announced that the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV Online will begin on Tuesday, August 31st.

While the beta will kick of on Tuesday at 7PM Pacific time, some may not be able to get in right away, as the number of players will be restricted initially. The Final Fantasy beta site explains:

“During the initial stages of the beta test, the number of players allowed to be logged in at any given time will be limited, with capacity to gradually increase as adjustments are performed on server load. Should the maximum capacity already be reached when you attempt to log in, a message will appear indicating that the world is currently congested, and you will be asked to try again in a short while. At this time you will be placed on a waiting list in the order of attempted log-in time. To maintain your position on the waiting list, you must initiate the log-in procedure again within ten minutes of your first attempt.”

Accompanying the announcement was the trailer embedded below:

Final Fantasy XIV Online launches on September 30th in North America. However, everyone who purchased the Collector’s Edition will get access starting September 22.

[SquareEnix via Kotaku]

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