Giveaway [Winner Announced] – Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with One Year MSDN Access worth $12,000


Giveaway Winner

Apologies for being late guys. Weekend hangover it was. We had to go through 150+ entries ( insane! ) before finalising the winner. The winner of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN access worth $12,000 is Kishan Bagaria (, many congratulations to Kishan for winning this giveaway. You will receive a confirmation soon.

The response was quite overwhelming and this giveaway wouldn’t have been successful without you all. Thanks again for being with us. Don’t be dissapointed if you couldn’t win this giveaway, we will have many such giveaway here at Stay tuned.

Thanks to all for your support and desire to participate in our contest. Submission is now officially CLOSED! The winner will be declared on or before, 13 September 2010 and will be contacted via email. Stay tuned to this post for more.

We want to appreciate you readers who have been with us from start of this blog. Without you all we wouldn’t have reached to this level and today as token of appreciation we have got an excellent giveaway for our readers.  The giveaway is worth $12,000 yes you read it correct its 12 followed by three zeros dollar.

So the giveaway is Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Access consisting of  a comprehensive suite of tools which is not only helpful for developers, organizations, but also for casual users.

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

For Developers: We don’t need to explain to experienced developers what they can do with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. But for those yet to explore software development field, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is amazing set of tools which will not only help you to quickly develop applications but also to test & debug instantly.

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you bring your vision to life targeting an increasing number of platforms and technologies—including cloud and parallel computing.

For Casual Windows Users: We are sure you will be thinking this is only developer set of tools and is of no use to you. Well answer is big no; Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate comes with one year MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription. MSDN offers every Microsoft product including Windows (Widows 7, Windows Vista, XP) , Office (Office 2010, Office  2007, Office 2003), Windows  Server for absolutely free, yes its free to MSDN subscribers.

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Features :

1. Integrated Development Environment

2. Development Platform Support

3. Team Foundation Server

4. MSDN Subscription

5. Testing Tools

6. Database Development

7. Debugging & Diagnostic

8. Application Lifecycle Management

9. Lab Management

The giveaway will run from 4th September to 11th September and results will be declared by 13th of September. Only one winner will be selected from all participants.

Rules of Giveaway

The rules are pretty simple,

1. Follow us (@blogsdna) on Twitter or Become Fan on BlogsDNA Facebook fan page.

2. Tweet about this Giveaway on Twitter or Share it on Facebook.

3. Fill out below form and submit, that’s it.

Team BlogsDNA extends great thanks to Shoban Kumar (MVP / TweetMyPC fame ) and Binoy xavier (our co-author) for sponsoring this great software kit.

Even if you are not planning to enter this giveaway then at least let you friends & co-workers know about this giveaway so that they can take advantage of this and grab such an expensive piece of software.

We also suggest you to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay updated with giveaway.

Dont use comment section for posting your entries for the giveaway, it is necessary to fill out the form to be a valid participant for this giveaway.

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