Play Starcraft II on your iPhone (or iPad) With SC2 Gameboard App


Developer Daniel Hellerman has decided to make it even easier to spend massive amounts of time playing Starcraft II by creating an iPhone and iPad app that will let you control the game from your iDevice of choice.

The app, known as the Starcraft 2 Gameboard, will apparently allow you to “fully control your game” and “control every units actions with a touch of the finger”. Some of the features of the app listed by the developer include:

–       Complete Unit Stats

–       Controllable Game Map

–       All Important Hotkeys

–       Detailed Unit Statistics

–       Selectable Unit Groups

The Starcraft II Gameboard iPhone and iPad app will be available in the App Store next month.

Starcraft II has been a huge success for developer Blizzard since its release nearly a month ago and there are still massive amounts of people playing this follow up to one of the most popular and successful games ever.

[sc2gameboard via Kotaku]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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