Obtain Detailed System Information with GetSystemInfo from Kaspersky


The first thing it comes to troubleshooting your computer remotely is the detailed system information also the system information is usually demanded by support team of every hardware manufactures to properly troubleshoot any problem which you are facing.

To help you to gather detailed system information of your PC, we are here with free tool GetSystemInfo from the popular antivirus maker Kaspersky. GetSystemInfo is the utility used to collect system information in order to troubleshoot technical issues. It is used in a variety of ways:

1. Detection of incompatible software

2. Detection of possible malware on the system (both known and unknown)

3. Program function errors (installation, use, uninstall etc.)

The utility works in conjunction with the online parser – www.getsysteminfo.com, which takes all of the information in the log file created and parses this into easily readable tab form online. This functionality means that users with limited computer experience can trouble shoot an issue on their own.


GetSystenInfo 4.1

Kaspersky GetSystemInfo

GetSystemInfo – Creating system report

Download GetSystemInfo for Windows 7, Vista & Xp.

Please Note: The utility collects many sensitive information, like running processes, installed software etc.

Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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