Download Google Chrome 6.0.472.63, Chrome 7 Coming


With Microsoft releasing the latest version of Internet Explorer making it the 9th edition and more known as IE9, Google never wasted a single moment in making the developers back at home busy. The Google Chrome Team rolled out the updated version of Google Chrome on the stable and beta channels. My own Chrome browser never updated me of such an update but the chrome release notes indicated an update.

Google Chrome 6.0.472.63 is the latest update made available which fixes certain bugs including the web browser’s JavaScript engine.


Jason Kersey, Google Chrome Technical Manager told:

Google Chrome has been update to 6.0.472.63 for all platforms on the Stable and Beta channels. This version contains a fix in V8 for direct loading of global function prototypes. More details about additional changes are available in the SVN revision log. If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug.

The previous version of Google Chrome being 6.0.472.62 had plugged a couple of security issues as well as bugs.

It is also heard that the development team back at Google is busy focusing on Chrome 7. It has been officially declared that once every six weeks a stable release will be rolled out, in a decision to speed up development.

Download Google Chrome 6.0.472.63 [here]

Khizer Hayat Farooq

Khizer Hayat Farooq

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