Scrabble – First Amazon Kindle Game App


Amazon Kindle, one of the pioneer in tablets but specially designed to read books and newspapers has been gifted with the very first App. One of the most popular word game, ‘Scrabble’ is now available on Kindle to keep your mind and fingers busy. Apart from it being the very first game app, Scrabble has also been able to register itself ¬†as the very first App for the Amazon Kindle.

One thing which I like which the Amazon Team worked intelligently on was the concept. Keep it informative while lesser focus on the game thing. The classic spelling game is surely to administer great downloads as it is an official product unlike others. The Electronic Arts team managed to launch the original product for the tablet.

Amazon Scrabble

The word game is available at an attractive price of $4.99. The scrabble board has some physical limitations which include:

1. No online play

2. No Wireless play

3. Graphical limitation of a black and white eReader

via [Dvice]

Khizer Hayat Farooq

Khizer Hayat Farooq

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