Apple TV iOS Firmware Hints at New iPhones and FaceTime Support


The image below is from the recently discovered version of iOS 4.1 for the yet to be announced second generation Apple TV. Our friends over at 9to5Mac have found references to two mysterious iPhones within the firmware’s USBDeviceConfiguration.plist.

The iPhone 4 is actually referred to within Apple as iPhone 3,1, but the image above shows an iPhone 3,2 and iPhone 3,3. These devices also showed up in an iPad OS filesystem back in April. There is also another unknown product referenced in the .plist above as “20547”.

Another discovery in the Apple TV iOS firmware points towards FaceTime support for the Apple TV (image above). However, this isn’t all that surprising. If the Apple TV does get an update to iOS, opposed to its current lack luster OS, it would be much of a shock that FaceTime will be a big selling point.

[via 9to5Mac]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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