Bing Partners With Facebook, Like Feature Added


President Microsoft Online Services Division, Qi Lu, announced a partnership with Facebook which would integrate Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the most accessed and popular social network, at a press conference. A few years back Microsoft invested $240 Million for 1.6 percent of Facebook, at a time when little was known about the social community and Facebook being unprofitable.

Microsoft made a smart move to step into an area where Google seems to be benefiting the most. Google, one of the most powerful search engine with a share of more than 60% of the U.S. search market.

Bing Partners With Facebook

Lu, the newly appointed man pulled out from Yahoo predicts a nice future for ‘Bing’ which would yield fruitful results as it is integrated with Facebook.

The Facebook and Microsoft partnership, with improvements made to Facebook, is surely a direct strike to the search giant Google.

Ray Valdes, Gartner Tech Industry Analyst, told:

Facebook’s no. 1 threat right now is Google. So Facebook is trying to align its forces with others, in this case Microsoft, who are also trying to compete against Google.

With the partnership, Bing will provide more personalized experiences, allowing you to bring your Facebook friends into your search experience. Bing experience would be more valuable with the addition of the social community.

Bing would start offering two new features in the upcoming days which include:

1. Enhancing Results with Facebook Likes.

2. Facebook Profile Search

via [Bing Community]

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