iPad Charging: iXP 1-500 iPad Power Adaptor Fuels Solution


Users get much annoyed when they lose power to their gadgets and specially when they cant find a proper slot to charge it when they are on the move. Same was the case with Apple’s successful and most sold gadget, the iPad. An intelligent firm called, the XMultiple has unveiled a solution for the iPad users. With the release of iXP 1-500 iPad Power Adaptor, users get a relief with the problems they occur when charging from their USB port on their desktop and laptop computers.

The Apple iPad cannot be charged from computers unless they use an electrical wallplate. Users need to plug-in the 10W Power Adapter to a wall outlet if a user wants to charge the tablet, the Power Adapter comes pre-packed with the iPad. This function lacks in the powerful gadget due to the company being of the view that certain laptops and desktops do not provide enough power to charge the iPad. This problem mostly arise with users who are non-Apple computer owners while the iPad charges perfectly on iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.

ixp1-500 for iPad

For non-Apple computer owners, the iXP 1-500 adapter does the magic to solve this simple problem. Simply attack the adapter to your existing Apple USB cable and then to your iPad connected via your computer’s USB ports and Voila, the iPad is now charging.

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Khizer Hayat Farooq

Khizer Hayat Farooq

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2 Responses to iPad Charging: iXP 1-500 iPad Power Adaptor Fuels Solution

  • TigerTom says:

    How?? By some sort of magic? How can a simple attachment all of a sudden provide the extra power needed to charge the iPad? The adapter doesn’t look big enough to have some circuitry to perform the extra up voltage. Has anyone actually tried this to see if it works or are we reading straight from their website?

  • Khizer Hayat Farooq says:

    Dude…things don’t just pop-up so easily. When a company has made an effort and the product is being well marketed…you need to believe and get one in order to feel the experience. You can also see, a patent pending tag lying aside the product they have developed.
    Give it a try and you would see the magic.