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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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11 Responses to Limewire Ordered Shut Down Permanently

  • Brigitteduchow says:

    that fact that limewire has been shut down totally sucks…..

  • Mh says:

    Its file sharing which is free, if I want to share my music with a friend, I shouldn’t charge him for it. Make better music for people to buy!!!!!!!!

  • Maxad282004 says:

    oh!!!! some on .,everyone love limewire .,we get anything n everything .,good thing never last

  • Ransom Jack says:

    i know limewire was the fucking best ever. You can let people have or borrow cd’s so its the same shit.

  • Ransom Jack says:

    thay still make money off people. Why need more.

  • Ransom Jack says:

    most people just want a few songs on an album and not all people cant afford 500 cd’s for 3 songs on each cd.

  • Ransom Jack says:

    Well there is youtube. Everyone listen to music on youtube. Go to youtube and search for eminem lose yourself. Almost all em aren t from the recording company.

  • Some dude says:

    They shouldn’t have shutdown limewire. it was the best. It is 99.9% legal to transfer files to other people on the internet. Its the same as letting ur friends use one of ur CDs. Do u really think that’s illegal???!!! Hey, we should protest or something!

  • Jonbrown93 says:

    you cna download off youtube AND THEN extract audio more time comsuming but hey you get the music

  • Nobody says:

    And like the recording industry don’t get a cut out of every piece of blank media you buy assuming that all blank media will be used for illegal downloads. Who is the real crooks here? They put one or two good songs on a cd and charge a fortune for it and fill the rest with crap nobody wants.

  • Jack Tripper says:

    So what? Frostwire doesn’t have quite as many users but is almost exactly the same format as LimeWire (only blue instead of green, etc) and is getting more and more users every day. Guess the RIAA and Metal-LICKa can go on fighting these new P2P software distributors ’til K’tulu freezes over like Don Quiote lashing out at one windmill after another. At least Don was fighting for honor, not cold cash. F Metallica, F the RIAA and GO FROSTWIRE!