T-Mobile Will Be First to Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab


The race is on, and looks as if T-Mobile is leading the pack.  The ultra busy first two weeks of November, just got even more jam packed for T-Mobile USA.  The Android-based tablet , the Galaxy Tab, will be available in T-Mobile stores on November 10.  That’s a full day ahead of Verizon’s November 11 launch, and four days before Sprint’s launch.  samsung Galaxy Tab

T-Mobile seems to be pressing the action in a big way, with the releases of the new myTouch 4G, and the new Windows Phone HTC HD7, and now another giant device.  T-Mobile plans on selling the Galaxy tablet for a subsidized price.  Prices will start at $399 for a 2-year agreement on T-Mobile’s soon to be upgraded data network.  T-Mobile hopes their new HSPA+ mobile broadband network will be a major selling point.  T-Mobile’s director of broadband products and services, Jeremy Korst, hopes the new data network will be the deciding factor for potential buyers.

“T-Mobile’s unique offerings on the Galaxy Tab paired with the power of T?Mobile’s new network allow us to bring a truly differentiated portable entertainment offering to market.”

The $399 subsidized price, is exactly the same as Sprint’s recently announced offer for the Galaxy Tab.  So far Verizon is the only carrier to go a different route, offering the Galaxy Tab for $599, with the optional pre-paid data plan on the side.  Now we just have to wait for AT&T and see what they decide to throw in the mix.  Until then, it’s too close to call, the choice is up to you.

[via T-Mobile Press Release]

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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