Sagem Wireless Unveils Pocket-Sized eReader


Sagem Wireless, a company leading in design and development of customized devices, today launched the Ultra-Light eReader. The brand new gadget by Sagem has been named as Binder – a pocket-sized eReader. Sagem Wireless made the device available from FNAC, the leading French retailer, which would be marketing the product tagged as ”FnacBook”. The device will later on, in November, be available in Italy via Telecom Italia as part of its digital publishing and eBook Project. The Sagem product delivers a six-inch SiPix capacitive e-paper touchscreen.

Sagem’s product, the Binder measure 152mm x 123mm x 10.7mm, which is smaller than an average paperback book. The gadget has the ability to store over 12,000 non-illustrated books powered with 2GB internal storage capacity. The eReader combines e-paper technology with 3G and WiFi connectivity to act as a complete library in your pocket.


Sagem’s intelligent eReader delivers outstanding design with a capacitive touch screen while showering users with crisp display and contrast. With the feature of 3G and WiFi, users can receive on-demand magazines and newspapers, directly over the device. The Binder supports various text, image and music file formats along with Adobe DRM protection.

The sleek and powerful gadget also provides users with the ability to switch between home screen, books, news and other content using the shortcut buttons placed in a smartly designed TAB form.

A Word From Sagem Wireless, read:

The eReader market has developed quickly but until now has been plagued by a simple trade-off – do you want a smaller form factor and less features, or a fully connected experience but with a device that is no longer pocket-sized? By focusing on the user experience and using the latest technology, we have developed a device that solves this conundrum. The Binder product combines 3G and WiFi with a feature-rich experience to deliver a true connected lifestyle device.

Sagem Wireless eReader Features and Specs:

Size: 152mm x 123mm x 10.7mm
Weight: <240g
Memory: 2GB internal flash; up to 16GB microSD
Screen: 6″ Sipix ePaper with capacitive touch and Accelerometer automatic screen rotation
Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, WiFi, USB 2.0
Multimedia: Text formats (TXT, Epub, PDF, HTML), picture formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP) and music formats (MP3) including full playlist support

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