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Hello Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines round the town. Blekko, a new search engine, has officially opened its doors to welcome the crowd. Developers guarantee accurate search results while leaving behind spammers, aggregators, and content farms. Results are displayed from high quality sites with rich content. The intelligent search engine, Blekko, displays search results on a simple tool called a Slashtag. You must be aware how Twitter tags certain hot topics with the ‘#’ tag, same is what this smart search engine does. Slashtags organize a particular topic while displaying results from various websites.


Slashtags can be added to search queries while displaying a limited set of search. Blekko has been unveiled to public in a beta version. The search engine also automatically applies Slashtags to bring in improved results in categories such as:

1. Health

2. Autos

3. Personal Finance

4. Colleges

5. Lyrics

6. Hotels

7. Recipe….etc.

The user is welcomed with a drop down menu type feature after a word is punched in the search pane. For example., searching for ‘Apple’, the drop down menu displays:

Blekko Apple

Blekko adds “auto-slashing” to improve results in more categories.

Rich Skrenta, CEO Blekko told:

Today is the first step in a process of building a volunteer army at Blekko that will eventually slash spam from search and deliver the most relevant results. As the number of URLs on the web increases from billions to trillions, it will take a layer of human oversight to separate the trusted content from the spam.

via [Digital Trends]

Khizer Hayat Farooq

Khizer Hayat Farooq

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