Adobe Launches Adobe SendNow And Adobe CreatePDF Service


Adobe, the company which has been delivering products related to media creation and editing, multimedia authoring, web developments as well as offering great support for documentation, introduced two new services with the company hoping to grab masses using its product again. The services which have been added now provide users with the ability to ‘Convert And Process PDFs’ for the web, while the other allows users to ‘Easily Send Large Files To Other Users’. The company pushed in the new services in an announcement made on Friday as part of its push into the cloud.

After the introduction of the two new services, the company further made a statement that the neither of the services were a new concept.

Adobe introduced the file sharing service as Adobe SendNow. The company defines the service as:

One-stop destination for sending and receiving large files among colleagues and co-workers.

Adobe adopted to services offered by other companies, such as Dropbox or Google Docs, the service now allows you to send a file to one or multiple recipients from Adobe’s website. The service even keeps a track on the files which you send or receive.

Adobe SendNow Features:

1. Send Large Files

2. Get Delivery Information

3. Get Email of Receipt

4. Set Access By File

5. Set Time Limits

6. Check For Viruses

Adobe SendNow

The other newly introduced service is called the Adobe CreatePDF. The new service is as the name explains, it creates PDFs for you online. The service lets you convert files in different file formats to PDF form without letting you worry about anything. Furthermore, the service has the ability to combine files into a single PDF.

Adobe CreatePDF Features:

1. Convert To PDF

2. Combine Files

3. Print To PDF

Adobe CreatePDF

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