Xbox Live Games Meant for Windows Phone 7, Coming to your Browser Soon


Windows Phone 7 Live GamesWindows Phone 7 was launched in US today. But the news that caught out attention more was a trick from Neowin which if proven real, would enable you to play the Xbox Live games meant for the Windows Phone 7 from within your browser.

The information given on the website for now, reads:

It’s more fun when you challenge another player. Connect to Xbox LIVE to play a variety of games with your friends. Play a turn-based game on the web or over Xbox LIVE on your Windows Phone 7 device. Whether you’re at the computer or on the go, bring the fun of an Xbox LIVE game with you. Grab a friend and jump in!

According to the information given on this website, a service is coming soon that will allow users who do not have a Windows Phone 7 to interact with the ones who own a WP7 device. All this cannot be another rumor/myth as Silverlight being the technology on which most of Windows Phone 7 platform is built upon, can also be run very well inside your web browser.

For the time being, we just have this bit of information. But we will keep you updated, once more information is available on the website.

(via Neowin)

Anurag Upadhaya

Anurag Upadhaya

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