Test Your Photo Skills With Joby Gorillamobile For iPhone4


True Apple lovers are always on the look for something trendy, to make their gadgets look smart and stylish. I have personally witnessed people dumping their digital cameras as they adopt an Apple gadget, specially the iPhone. So what makes the gadget smarter than the digital camera? Well, the plus point being, a great camera lens, advanced mega pixels and of course the large screen which others lack.

With the introduction of iPhone 4, Apple has seen a high trend in the user database. The device enables users to take good quality of photos and videos and that too anywhere. Bringing access and ease to the Apple users, Joby, a well-known manufacturer of accessories for digital cameras, camcorders and much more, announced the development of Gorillamobile for iPhone 4.

Act as a professional photographer, while making your device durable, hands-free with great positioning capabilities. The Joby Tripod helps your iPhone remain equipped while providing users to easily slide on an off the tripod stand, letting users benefit from the portrait or landscape snaps.

Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

The Joby Tripod stand helps you position the iPhone ensuring that you get the best photos or videos. The tripod is flexible with the feature of folding legs, providing you with the facility to make it your companion while travelling. Get the best out of time-delayed photos, steady video recording and FaceTime calls without the need of using your fingers.

The company further adds that it would launched an independent photography app designed for the iPhone 4.

Forrest Baringer Jones, CEO JOBY, told:

After months of research, we recognized the opportunity to enhance the experience of using Apple’s line of products, particularly for media consumption, image capture and comfort over extended use.We were inspired to develop a family of products that fully unleashes the creative power of Apple’s mobile devices using next generation materials and thoughtful design. The Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 is the first in this family but will be joined by two other revolutionary mobile accessories at CES.

Furthermore, the company plans to launch a complete family for Gorillamobile with dedicated versions for the iPad. The Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 is available for an attractive price of $39.95.

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