Hasbro my3D Enables 3D-Viewing On iPod Touch, iPhone


Hasbro Inc., one of the largest toy maker in the U.S. is set to unveil 3-D Goggles for Apple gadgets. The company predicts that more and more users would demand for 3D viewing over the iPod and the iPhone, as the 3D era is on the go. The company showcased the product to the investors, which is seen as a handheld device and attaches to the Apple device comfortably, known as My3D. Hasbro promises that the gadget would enable three-dimensional content on the device as users experience the fun in gaming, virtual travel and entertainment content. The gadget is designed in such a manner which makes it perfect for kids as well as adults.

According to company officials, the binocular design gadget will be priced at $30 and would be made available to users, somewhere around Spring season, at stores where Apple gadgets are being sold. Apple users who buy the smartly designed gadget can visit the Apple App Store which allows them to browse and download My3d content. Hasbro even noted that the while different Apps would vary on prices, a wide variety of apps would be made available for free.

Hasbro my3D

The company further told that the gadget while being designed, was guided by Apple and believes that the gadget would never lack the quality and experience of 3D over the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The company is surely to grab a big share if things work out well but the only thing is, the company as well as others would need to bring a flow over the content. It also revealed that the company has teamed up with Dreamworks Animation to develop material for the gadget.

via [Yahoo Finance]

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