Call of Duty: Black Ops Sells $650 Million, Sets New Records


Black Ops SalesThis is now officially the single biggest entertainment release in history.  Treyarch’s Call of duty: Black Ops has set some big records.  According to Activision Black Ops has “shattered theatrical box office, book and video game sales records”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

First off they set the single day sales record (24 hour period), bringing in a stunning $350 million.  Thats roughly about 5.6 million units sold in total in a 24 hour period.  That’s nearly a million more than Modern Warfare 2 managed in its first day of sales last year.

But what’s even more impressive is the 5-day record that Black Ops has obtained.  In it’s first five full days of worldwide sales, Call of Duty: Black Ops has made over $650 million dollars in worldwide revenues.  Again completely shattering last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare record by more than 100 million dollars.

It’s really hard to imagine how popular and how big this game really is.  Black Ops is being heralded as the best-selling video game in history, and that’s a big title to command.  Just think how popular CoD: MW2 was and still is, and Black Ops has outsold that by 100 million dollars.  This a huge record for any singles peice of media.

Also in Activision’s press release to its investors, Microsoft has gone on to state that “Black Ops” set new records on Xbox Live, with more than 5.9 million multiplayer hours and more than 2.6 million unique players on the service since the game’s Nov. 9 launch.

Black Ops’ numbers will only continue to get bigger, that is with the holiday season upon us now, Activision and Treyarch could be looking at 1 billion in sales very soon.

[via Activision]

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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