Will iOS 4.3 be released on December 13th?


There are rumors floating around pointing towards a possible December 13th release of iOS 4.3. Of course, there are many that are skeptical about this as iOS 4.2.1 was just released yesterday. However, we have taken some time to examine the rumors and fill you in on exactly why many are expecting iOS 4.3 sooner rather than later.

Firstly, rumors that Apple is planning on launching a iPad-focused news app with News Corp at a December 9th media event was the first clue. Apple’s reported role in the development of the product is developing recurring subscription billing APIs for iTunes and Apple ID accounts. This is functionality that was not included in yesterday’s release of iOS 4.2.1, leading many to believe another software update will be required.

The second bit of evidence pointing towards iOS 4.3 in December comes from a ‘reliable source’ of MacStories. The source claims Apple had originally set Monday, December 13th as the release date for iOS 4.3. However, this was before iOS 4.2.1 was pushed back a few weeks after finding WiFi issues and other bugs in the first iOS 4.2 GM. The source claims that it is unclear whether or not iOS 4.2 being delayed will have an impact on the release of iOS 4.3.

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