Opera 11 Beta Available now with 11 new features- Still ‘the fastest browser on earth’


The latest version of the self-proclaimed ”fastest browser on earth” is now available with the Opera 11 beta for both Mac and PC users. The download page for the beta boasts eleven new features, including better overall performance, enhanced HTML5 and extensions support, new visual mouse gestures, enhanced email sidebar, and a safer address field. However, by far the most interesting new feature is “Tab Stacking”

Tab Stacking allows you to drag and drop tabs into a ‘stack’ to provide better management and organization of tabs. Hovering your mouse over the stack will reveal thumbnails of all windows within, allowing you to quickly select one to bring it to the foreground. You can also expand and collapse the stacks in order to rearrange their order, drag a tab out, or delete a tab.  (video below)

Another new feature is enhanced visual mouse gestures. Holding the right mouse button brings up an interactive circular guide that will ease you through a number of mouse gestures.

You can download the Opera 11 beta for free here and check out a demo video of the browser’s new Tab Stacking feature below.


Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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