New iPad 2.0 to include front-facing camera, new display, & USB port


Rumors regarding new features in the next iteration of Apple’s iPad are starting to float around. The rumors seem to originate from Taiwanese newspaper The Chinese-language Economic Daily News, which claims to have a source close to Apple’s manufacturing and production lines.

The report claims the next iPad will include ‘Video Phone’, which means back and front facing cameras, new display technology, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a USB port.

While the majority of these features aren’t that hard to believe as most are already included in the iPhone 4, a USB port seems a bit out of Apple’ character. Apple has always used their own proprietary cables and dock connections since the introduction of the first iPod and iPhone. However, this would certainly make the device a more efficient netbook replacement and open up the doors to a plethora of third party accessories and peripherals.

The report also mentions ‘better mobility’ as a potential new feature. While its quite unclear exactly what this means, one can speculate that it might mean new materials that will make for an overall lighter design. This isn’t hard to believe with Apple’s recent acquisition of LiquidMetal Technologies Inc. patents.

[EconomyDailyNews via ComputerWorld]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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