Angry Birds reaches 7 million downloads on Android


We all know the success of Angry Birds on the App Store for iOS devices with more than 12 million copies sold since it was released last year. It appears that developer Rovio is also having incredible success on Android devices with the company stating on their Twitter account they have reached the 7 million download mark.

The title is a free download for Android platforms, unlike the 99 cent version available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The free ad-supported version of Angry Birds was released for Android in October and went on to reach over two million downloads in the first three days.

There are many obvious reasons why Rovio decided to make the Android version of their flagship title a free, ad-supported download. The most obvious is the fact that piracy of paid apps on Android devices has been rampant and affecting the bottom line for many developers that have had success on other platforms such as the iPhone.

Secondly, the Android marketplace has been known to produce many cheap knockoffs of successful games from high-profile developers. In order to avoid having their title lost among the many copycats trying to capitalize on their success, Rovio has decided to offer the game free of charge and make their revenue from in-app ads. Hopefully with 7 million downloads the developer will see enough of a profit from ads that they will be able to offer their future titles in the Android marketplace for free.

[@RovioMobile via Joystiq]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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