Apache Software Foundation Unveils Apache Extras


Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a non-profit corporation committed on supporting Apache software projects including the Apache HTTP Server, announced the birth of apache-extras.org, a Google-hosted site for code associated with Apache projects but are not part of the Foundation’s top level projects.

Apache-extras.org would provide a base for projects which are unable to, or do not wish to, conform with Apache Software Foundation’s requirements relating to intellectual property, license use and community management, but on the other hand want to keep a relationship with Apache.

Projects made available on the Google-hosted service will not be managed by The Apache Software Foundation, which would in return let the participants use license and project management process. Apart from that, Apace-extras.org would be adding a level of visibility for these projects which is usually unavailable compared to other code-hosting sites.

Apache Extras

The Apache Software Foundation would directly be involved with the team at Apace Extras, ensuring acceleration and innovation around Apache projects. Existing Google-Code projects can easily be shifted to the new apache-extras.org site while new Apache-related projects can be initiated by filling out a simple form.

Ross Gardler, ASF Vice President of Community Development, told:

The Apache Software Foundation has a long history of software innovation through collaboration; the larger the pool of potential contributors the more innovation we see. Apache Extras provides a home for Apache related software which is not formally a part of the ASF itself. Having these projects on a single hosting platform will help to further accelerate innovation involving Apache software.

On the other hand Google was of the view that working under a single or common logo and domain name would make these projects gain more visibility and grow into their own thriving community.

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