iPod Nano DFU Mode Discovered, Possible to Run Custom Firmware or Apps


Now here is yet another great discovery Steven Troughton-Smith, after James got the first hack for iPod Nano, Steven started looking into iPod Nano firmware to explore future possibility of hacking or running custom apps. His discovery are quite interesting, the DFU (Direct firmware update) mode which is important part of iPhone jailbreaking is also in iPod Nano (can we create custom & update iPod Nano Firmware now ??).

He Says, to enter into iPod Nano DFU mode, hold down the restart buttons until you get a black screen (it reboots twice) and iTunes sees the device and alerts you. This doesn’t mean the jailbreak is possible yet, Steven future says that he modified iRecovery tool to work with the iPod Nano and allow it send files, and tested with some files he had extracted from the iPod nano 6G firmware.

The iPod Nano does seems to execute uploaded files but rejects it due to unsigned or invalid format. While this by itself isn’t that cool, hopefully the info will inspire someone else to finally hack this thing and give us custom ‘apps’.

Steven Troughton-Smith Video on iPod Nano DFU Mode

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