How to "Jailbreak" Your Playstation 3!


The infamous geohot has just released a Playstation 3 jailbreak! Although he released it, much credit goes to the fail0verflow team for basically “unlocking” the “lock” on the PS3 (not meant to be taken literally). The actual jailbreak process has been difficult for some people to understand, so this post highlights each step that you should take. It is not difficult at all. Sony-PlayStation-PS3-Pwned-Geohot

Instructions are removed we dont want Pony @sses to $uck are blog, get lost Pony lawyers.

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Johnny Franks

Johnny Franks

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  • Hateeyes

    can this work on ps3 with 3.41?,

  • Dfnzdgh

    2nd link broke

  • guest

    i wont find this on my ps3

  • Moneyguy11

    Should, Considering 3.41 is the easiest firmware to jailbreak on lol

  • brandon

    hey the link for the package files is not working it says 404 not found can u fix this please?

  • Zeakman 0811

    howdo u jailbreak a ps3 please help

  • Alex

    does this work on 4.00 and does it install .pkg files???

  • wanna.hack

    how do i jailbreak!!!!!!!!!!