Kyocera S2100 Available Via Virgin Mobile With payLo Plan


Kyocera S2100 feature-phone has just made a debut at Virgin Mobile. In an announcement, Virgin Mobile proudly released the flip screen feature-phone with the payLo plan. Starting today, the device is available at an attractive price of $39.99 (excluding taxes) from the U.S carrier itself, whereas other mobile retailers including Best Buy, Target and RadioShack would also offer the Kyocera S2100 handset.

The payLo 1500-minute plan along with the handset, target’s voice-centric customers who don’t need the regular ‘Unlimited Service Plan’. Virgin’s payLo plan is best suitable for customers who want to stay in touch with their family and friends while keeping their wallet budget friendly.

Kyocera S2100

Director payLo, Virgin Mobile, commented:

payLo by Virgin Mobile, with its 1,500-minute plan, caters to a growing number of consumers who have been paying for unlimited voice, messaging or data when all they really need is affordable talk time, and a lot of it. At $30 per month, these customers can now save money while knowing they have the right service for their communication needs. The benefits provided by payLo’s $30 offer, combined with the Kyocera S2100 handset, reaffirm our commitment to providing overall value to our customers.

Kyocera S2100 Features and Specs:

1. 5-megapixel VGA camera with 5X digital zoom

2. 1.8-inch LCD internal screen and 1-inch external color display

3. Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR support

4. Web and e-mail features

5. Mobile Search

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