Google Dives Under The Sea, Changes Google Doodle


Google has once again changed its doodle as it celebrates Jule Verne’s Birthday, today February 8. The internet search giant has dedicated its doodle for today to honor the famous science fiction writer with changes made across most of its localized search pages as well as the main

The changed doodle came visible as it became live in Japan, Korea, Australia as well as Asia when the clock turned 12, changing the date to Feb 8. Users in other parts of the world would see the change as the date changes with Europe and U.S to witness it later on.

Google Doodle Jule Verne

This doodle change is somewhat different than what Google has usually presented. The interactive doodle is kind of flashy with the doodle playing a theme of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, one of Jule Verne’s most popular book.

The Google logo presents a view from submarines round windows while a lever at the right corner to move left or right or submerse. As you move the lever, you get to witness some wonderful things below the surface with different fishes and divers to sea floor.

via [Washington Post]

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