Is DELL Planning to Buy AMD? [Rumor]


AMD logoAdvanced Micro Devices, the second most popular company after Intel, when it comes to powering personal computers with processors, is on the verge of getting acquired by DELL.

This news could very well be a rumor, but it should not take us all by a big surprise. AMD had taken a back in its business for a while now, with its major competitor Intel getting all the attention with its successful range of processors like Atom.

AMD has been in trouble lately, with all senior executives not ready to take their chances with the sinking ship and leaving it before. CEO Dirk Meyer left in January this year and Chief Operating Officer Robert Rivet also chose to leave last week.

So the question comes naturally, who would buy a lost chip-maker in the market? The rumors are going too strong towards DELL inc. and by sheer luck even its stocks are riding the tide of this rumor.

Even if this acquisition comes out to be true, it would be the biggest one we have even seen. The big PC maker would be in better control of its manufacturing and business with AMD in its pocket. We will wait and watch.

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Anurag Upadhaya

Anurag Upadhaya

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