T-Mobile To Shut Down Sidekick Danger Data Service


In an announcement, T-Mobile spoke on discontinuing its Danger data service to all Sidekick models, starting May 31, 2011. Start of the summer season, users would no longer be able to access data stored on Danger’s cloud-based service, including photos and contacts.

Users might need to know that the Internet and email service would also be cut off leaving behind users with the only availability for calls and text messaging. All T-Mobile Sidekick users would be send letters to alert them of the change and also providing details on transferring data and transitioning to a new device.


Users are advised to transfer all personal data from the Danger service with T-Mobile offering a number of ways on how to do this, including:

1. MyT-Mobile.com – Access with web tool which lets you export information to a new device, computer or email account.

2. Data Transfer App from the Sidekick App catalog – Export all data onto the sidekick’s memory card.

Moreover, the carrier would be offering special offers on devices to Sidekick owners in the coming weeks with one of them being to have the new Android based T-Mobile Sidekick 4G in exchange.

via [Engadget]

Khizer Hayat Farooq

Khizer Hayat Farooq

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